• The Ski-area Willingen, is a 8-persons cabin-funicular, 9 skilifts and 6 conveyers,16 km prepared ski-run (from which 7 km can be prepared with technical snow), ski run length untill  2 km in every difficulties. Top conditions for starters, families but also for experienced skiers.

  • The 1.400 Meter long Ettelsberg-funiculartake you in a couple of minutes from 590 till 830 meter above sealevel.

  • Visit the biggest great ski-jump of the world, the Mühlenkopfschanze, which offers you a fantastic view from the approach run tower over the impressive facility at the Mühlenkopf and the Upland mountains.

  • Have you ever experienced the magic of a deeply snow covered winter landscape off the walking trails and cross-country runs? Snowshoe-walking is much more than walking across country through cold snow: you will discover the beautiful Upländer mountainous region covered deeply by virgin snow powder. Snowshoe-walking is not only a winter sports disciplline, it combines sports and nature in a fantastic manner. Everybody can do it!

  • Or stay in the neighbourhood of "Das orange Schaf". It`s only 100 meter to Skilift-Emmet, a good exercise ski-run and only 200 meter to "Kahlen Pön", a more demanding skilift, which is more steep.

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