Breathe, feel nature and press the pedals down with all your strength. The typical rolling countryside of Sauerland with its hills, mountains, forests, and valleys is the perfect backdrop for your vacation on two wheels. Discover the dreamy scenery, varied runs, and everything that makes bikers happy. The Willingen bike world offers a variety of signposted routes for all levels and tastes. The routes are between 18 and 60 km long. The maximum elevation difference to overcome is 1400 metres. You can obtain maps from the Tourist Information.

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Tour 2: Winterberg-Tour
Distance 54,4 km, 1096 height, time ca. 5 hours
Difficulty 2*, category 3*
A technical easy Sauerland-route. The tour ends in Winterberg.

Tour 26: Upland-Dörfer-Tour
Distance 48,3 km, 1105 height, time ca. 4:30 hours
Difficulty 2*, category 4*
A long sightseeingtour through villages around Willingen.

Tour 27: Sportstätten-Tour (Tour 27 goes past Das orange Schaf)
Distance 38,2 km, 897 height, time ca. 3:45 hours
Difficulty 3*, category 3*
A variable route with many climbs and breathtaking views.


Tour 28: Hochheide-Tour
Distance 18,6 km, 499 height, time ca. 1:50 hours 
Difficulty 4*, category 2*
Short, but difficult route.

Tour 29: Familien-Tour
Distance 18,3 km, 497 height, time ca. 1:45 hours, depending on condition and age of the children.
Difficulty 2*, category 2*
Easy tour for the family and starters.

Tour 30: Diemelsee-Tour
Distance 43,6 km, 968 height, time 4:05 hours.
Difficulty 3*, category 4*
This tour with long trails and climbs, goes over field- and forestpaths.

Tour 45: Willinger Trail-Quartett (Tour 45 goes past Das orange Schaf)

Distance 60,1 km, 1550 height, time 6 hours 

Difficulty 4*, category 4*

Maps are available @ Das orange Schaf.


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